Puppy Training & development

Bringing home a puppy is exciting but can also be overwhelming! With our customizable puppy packages we will make sure your puppy develops into a polite adult dog by focusing on social skills and manners during those critical puppy months. You have two options to get your puppy going:



Who: For the puppy parent who wants to be involved in every aspect of their puppy's training and can commit to daily homework.

What: We offer personalized guidance addressing puppy development, social skills, manners, house training, nipping, jumping and any other concerns you may have. Unlimited email and phone support is also included to ensure your puppy progresses between lessons. 

Where: In the comfort of your home 

When: We offer appointments Monday-Saturday 

WhyBecause you want a comprehensive and tailor-made training plan, you can't commit to a 6-week course and/or your puppy gets too distracted by others in a class setting.  

How: We use only force-free evidence-based training. 


Who: For the busy puppy parent who doesn't have time to do the bulk of the training themselves, but still wants to have a well-mannered puppy.

What: Your puppy will receive two to four weekly one-hour private lessons. At the end of each week you will join us for a lesson so we can show you how to maintain your puppy's new skills. 

Where: In the comfort of your home.

When:  While you are at work, running errands or simply getting on with your life.

Why: Because training a puppy takes time and consistency.

How: We use only force-free evidence-based training. 




Initial Consultation: $180 (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Follow Up Lesson: $112.50 (1 hour)                           


Thinking about getting a puppy? Close to adopting or purchasing? A Phone/Skype Consultation is for you.  This is also a great solution for clients who live out of town but still want to have access to quality training.

Initial Consultation: $150 (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Follow Up Call: $100 or $90 when purchasing a package (1 hour)